Emixir of Life, 300 mg Cycloastragenol, telomerase activator

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Emixir of Life is the best way to take Cycloastragenol to lengthen your telomeres because it can be used directly under your tongue for best absorption. Some people are sensitive to the alcohol in the product and such they should be diluting it before using it orally.

Warning: this product is very concentrated and should be carefully taken, one drop at a time.

Each vial contains 300mg of pure Cycloastragenol. Also, for maximum absorption it also contains astragalus extracts, alcohol, menthol and glycerin. All ingredients are from natural sources. Cycloastragenol comes from astragalus.

Daily dosage: 1 ml (one dropper) per day, which is 10mg Cycloastragenol. Shake well your vial and carefully take your daily dose. It can also be split during the day. Older people should consider take a greater amount of Cycloastragenol.



We have become accustomed to considering old age as something normal in our lives. We are born, we become adults and then slowly we begin to fade away. The end that we have all learned to accept is passing away.

We can now stop and reverse the aging process by using -among other products-,telomere activators that mimic the telomerase activity in your body. Cycloastragenol is used as a nutraceutical (e.g. TAT2) and seems to increase the telomerase activity and proliferative capacity of both CD4 and CD8 T-cells. Cycloastragenol possesses antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-hepatotoxic, anti-leukemia, antitumor and antinociceptive activity. It also acts as an immunomodulator.


2 reviews for Emixir of Life, 300 mg Cycloastragenol, telomerase activator

  1. A. Todorov

    Good product, best liquid cycloastragenol but burns a little when I use it under the tongue.

  2. Chris Norton

    I have been purchased this since 2 years ago because it seems to be the best liquid Cycloastragenol on the market. Before I tried Absonutrix but it no loger seem to be available in my country. It is however a little to concentrated for me so I take one drop a a time, about 10 drops a day, that’s about a dropper. I am 45 years old and the best things this has done to me: my hair no longer falls, my energy is increased and I am no longer catching a cold. The effects I felt after about 3 moths of use. Oh, also, my skin started to feel much better and silky. Befeore I had very tough skin and no cream seemed to be good for me. Sorry for my bad english, it is not may language. Now ,when I write this, I am on my 7th month of using Emixir products. I use one vial of Emixir of Life and also I use the Sablex Reset one every 6 months. Also, I oreder 3 vials at a time because I get free shipping. Thank you!

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