Lei Gong Teng, Thunder God Vine, 40:1 extract, 120 capsules, 500 mg




Product label
Presentation: Bottle with 120 capsules 500mg.

Ingredients: Lei Gong Teng Extract 40: 1, cellulose, protein, amino acids.
Dosage: take one capsule 3 times a day. Not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Note: Lei Gong Teng 40: 1 is 8 times more concentrated than Lei Gong Teng 5: 1 in terms of the amount of active substance, tryptolides.
Keep in a cool, dry place. Avoid excessive humidity. The product contains information in Romanian, English and French.

Dosage and method of administration
Administration: Take one capsule three times a day as follows: morning, lunch and evening. Lei Gong Teng is always used on an empty stomach. You can drink water, pure water, no juices and not sweetened with anything, not even honey.

An empty stomach means that before and after taking the Lei Gong Teng capsule, leave it for an hour. An hour before / after do not eat anything and drink only water. For example, as soon as you wake up take a capsule of Lei Gong Teng and drink water. After an hour you can eat. At lunch, after at least an hour from the morning meal, take another capsule and drink water. After another hour you can eat. In the evening, after an hour has passed since the last meal, take the evening capsule with water.

Observe the strict break of one hour before / after the capsule. If you do not respect it, the effects will be diminished.

Important: Lei Gong Teng 40: 1 can be taken as an attack dose. Thus, instead of one capsule three times a day, take twice as many as two capsules three times a day. This is beneficial for the body because it acts twice as efficiently especially for severe cases that do not support delay.


Using Lei Gong Teng 40: 1
Lei Gong Teng is a dietary supplement used as an adjunct, especially by patients with malignant but also benign neoplasms. Even in very severe cases it is recommended to use Lei Gong Teng 40: 1 and to increase the chances exponentially the following use protocol is recommended:

It is important that the recommendations are followed strictly and carefully. Do not ignore the recommended diet.

Therefore, although in vitro and in vivo tests on guinea pigs showed the full effect in only 40 days, it is recommended that for human consumption to continue administration even after complete remission, at least 6 months. This is because current medicine cannot detect the presence of malignant cells if they are in small amounts in the body or if they have remained localized in certain organs, in a proportion of less than 1%.

The problem is that, although no malignant neoplasms appear in a healthy body, it can have cancerous cells in an organ below 1%. If the same body is weakened, or the body has just eliminated the tumors, the malignant neoplasm can recur extremely easily. The fight is hard and must be maintained constantly with supplements and diet.

The environment is also important. That is why we recommend a healthy environment, somewhere in the mountains, at sea, fresh air, etc. If this is not possible, at least avoid stress, surround yourself with people who love and care for you, who contribute to your spiritual well-being.

Follow our advice strictly, keep a positive attitude and you will overcome even the disease of the century.

There are also supplements to help restore well-being and if given time to use them, the body can recover 100%.

Thus, for those who use Lei Gong Teng 40: 1, it is recommended to combine it with Kombucco Orientalis, a 100% natural, probiotic supplement that helps the body with digestive enzymes, detoxifies it and due to two components, carcinoicin and carcinomidine, also helps eliminate problems. malignant and benign. Please note, however, that Kombucco Orientalis is a laboratory product, a trademark registered with OSIM and is not associated with other similar products on the market. The recommended variant is called “cancer clear”.

Another supplement commonly associated with Lei Gong Teng 40: 1 is Chippewa. It helps the body not only as an adjuvant in carcinomas, but also has a detoxifying effect and removes heavy metals from the body. If you have a soft stool, very smelly or in large quantities, think that this supplement will help eliminate toxins from the body. Diarrhea is not a cause for concern and does not involve discontinuation of administration. Detoxification is important: it is better that the toxic materials that have been in the colon for decades, stuck to its walls, do not stay there but are eliminated.

Purity and concentration Lei Gong Teng 40: 1
Lei Gong Teng capsules is a 40: 1 root extract of Lei Gong Teng (Radix Tripterygii Wilfordii). This variant is 8 times more concentrated than the 5: 1 variant.

There are many variations of Lei Gong Teng. What is important is to know how to choose the option that is both effective and non-toxic for you.

The product contains only the active substance called tryptolides, all other components being removed. We offer the product in both 5: 1 and 40: 1. Our product contains exclusively the active substance, not the whole plant. The whole, unprocessed plant is not recommended for human consumption. The use of the whole plant is toxic, among the side effects being problems and intestinal irritation, suppression of lymphocyte proliferation to cardiac arrest in rare cases.

Choose Lei Gong Teng as much as possible in the form of root extract, the root being the only part with therapeutic virtues. This variant of Lei Gong Teng is the most efficient and one of the few recommended for safe human consumption. That is why we recommend the capsules with Radix Tripterygii Wilfordii extract, without side effects.


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